Sunday, March 16, 2008

Angels Among Us

A few mornings ago, my daughter was in her room, awake, but still lying in bed. She yelled, "Mom, I just saw an angel!" When I came in the room, she was smiling really big, and I asked her to describe what it looked like, and she told me it was a white ball in front of her. I sat down on the bed with her, and continuing to smile, she said, "Mom, have you ever had the feeling when you first woke up that you didn't like your mom and dad?" I briefly shared with her how I connected with that feeling, and then she continued, "I felt that feeling, and then I asked my angels to help me, and that's when the angel appeared, and that feeling went away." Then she went on to say, "Mom, let's ask the angels to help you see them. She proceeded to lead me to quiet down and breathe for a second, and then told me to look over towards the window. I connect with angels more on a feeling level, so while I didn't see anything with my physical eyes, in that moment I paused and took in the feeling....

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