Thursday, July 31, 2008

Susannah's Trust Question

Is it possible to simultaneously TRUST the process of life AND notice that you still have 3rd dimensional "trust issues"? Sometimes I feel like I'm getting on a roller coaster with part of me knowing I'm going to be absolutely fine, and part of me feeling like I'm going to die.

(On a related side note, as I was feeling this question bubble up this morning, I landed on a random web page with the quote: "Can you trust what you see in the mirror?" favorite subject: Jung, shadows, projection....).


  1. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Hi Susannah,
    Depends upon where you put your energy - which chakra level - lower chakras process thru human emotion - fear, separation. Upper chakras process thru connection with Spirit - All is One - no fear - no real death except to the little i. We bounce between the two - my goal being to release all connection to lower emotions and be in detached compassion. for me this means living in a perspective that expands my consciousness to be aware of the consequences of my every word. Am I there all the time - no. But when I reflect on my day from this perspective, I am becoming more aware and realizing my level of consciousness (and what is driving it and ME) sooner during the day.

  2. You can trust God. You can trust God's plan for you. I don't know what the 3rd dimension is, but maybe it's a healthy dose of fear. Recognizing and acknowledging that fear can keep you safe, aware. Prayer can keep the fear from controlling you and keep you in tune to God's plan.

    As for trusting yourself, I think all we can do is have faith that He never gives us more than we can handle. So, trust Him and have faith in yourself and your abilities.

    The rest of us are here to encourage and cheer you along your path. :-) Go Susannah!!

  3. I like the Hebrew word for faith/trust: to hold onto. Sometimes, without any other information, all we can do is hold onto that which we believe and hope...or let go of it. Either choice is an option and probably there a times for both. Right now though, I'm holding on. Peace. Cam

  4. Matthew M9:14 AM

    What a great question Susannah! When I read it, I immediately thought that both elements relate to Presence in some way. Having faith in God's plan demonstrates a very full presence of the very highest aspects of our being. Being aware of and/or focusing on 3rd dimensional situations demonstrates at least a partial lack of presence in the moment. A temporary forgetfulness that ALL IS WELL!
    By experiencing this forgetfulness, we leave room open for fear. Having faith, true faith, leaves no such room for fear.
    Either way, we are free to choose. As for me, I choose and know in my spirit that His plan for all of us is perfect and is made from a space of absolute love and of absolute knowingness as to what is for our highest good.
    Keep the faith my friend!
    Love and Light,