Sunday, August 10, 2008

From a Dear Friend...

God created you for a purpose, sweet lamb, and maintains you and leads you, nourishing you with spiritual ideas that reveal each step. "Perfect Love casteth out fear" because God is Love, and fear is only a suggestion --- think of it, all that terror and fright and anxiety about the world, the economy, health, the environment, politics, your own children, all of it, simply a proposition that God is not in control. Jesus always handled fear first when he did his healing work, so did Mrs. Eddy, and low and behold, when the fear is gone, the problem is gone, because the chaotic situation never has been true. And your thought -- your consciousness -- is not at the mercy of suggestive currents that propose this chaos but is pure, and desires and hears the truth, the "still small voice" speaking to you, in detail, and in ways you understand, assuring you that goodness is real, that there is no power opposed to God, Love. There aren't two powers battling all the time. Just one power, infinite Love, and you are the perfect expression of that good power, because it created you and loves you and yours and always will. This is true, now. It is more than a nice thought. It is power.

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  1. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Thanks Susannah!

    it IS powerful and it is beautiful.

    love, lisa