Sunday, August 02, 2009

Language of the Body

Ignorance or indifference toward the keen intelligence of the matter that houses soul leaves us buffeted by gale-force emotional winds stirred by our neglect. Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist, warned that when a culture loses contact with the divine, the desire to relate to the Ineffable is carried by the body as disease. The last language left to the ignored body is the physical symptom, and the final act of defiance may be addiction. Deaf to the invitation to evoke embodied consciousness, we are more likely to proceed mechanically, ignoring our images, "curing" the symptoms while dismissing our intuitive messages. Inevitably when we ignore what matters most to us that then becomes the matter with us.
-- Women's Intuition by Paula M. Reeves, Ph.D.


  1. profound...deeply. I will be pondering this one.

  2. I is definitely one to "sit with." I could roll around in body symbolism all day. ;-)

  3. THANK YOU for sharing this quote. It is so beautifully written, portions of it pure poetry. I've added that book and "Heart Sense" to my wish-list. The path I am following of holistic healing embraces the Truth expressed in Reeves' words. ~ Bright Blessings ~