Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Change - Ellen Bass

This is where I yank the old roots
from my chest, like tomatoes
we let grow until December, stalks
thick as saplings.

This is the moment when the ancient fears
race like thoroughbreds, asking for more
and more rein. And, I, the driver,
for some reason they know nothing of
strain to hold them back.

Terror grips me like a virus
and I sweat, fevered,
trying to burn it out.

This feat is so invisible. All you can see
is a woman going about her ordinary day,
drinking tea, taking herself to the movies,
reading in bed. If victorious
I will look exactly the same.

Yet I am hoisting a car from mud ruts
half a century deep. I am hacking
a clearing through the fallen slash
of my heart. Without laser precision,
with only the primitive knife of need, I cut
and splice the circuitry of my brain.
I change.

1 comment:

  1. Susannah, this is awesome...and how long does it take us to learn that many times this change can happen by simply letting go?! I see the struggle I create for myself at times and am amazed.

    Thank you for using the art by DK-C -- I have a deck of her Soul Cards that I bought over ten years ago; now I have to go find them and bring them out again! :-)

    As we give thanks...