Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dragons - by Susannah Azzaro

Joey calls to me as I begin to drift off to sleep.
“Mom! Comear!”
I wake myself up and go to his room where he’s reading
a book called Awesome Things to Draw.
“Mom, I don’t know why, but I’m just confused and I just don’t know why.”
He said that yesterday too.
He’s eight.
My body softens - I had no idea I was even gripping.
I tell him how proud I am that he can express that, and then I
say something like, “We all pick up all sorts of energy from everywhere,
and when
you’re young you...”
...he interrupts:
“Hey, Mom...listen to this...
he picks up his book,
“It says,
‘Some psychologists say that if a person dreams of a dragon,
it symbolizes that they are gaining self-confidence and wholeness in their life.’ 
Mom...what does wholeness mean?”
I start to explain even though what I'm 
saying doesn't make sense to me,
but he doesn’t really want
an answer. And then,
“Mom, have you ever dreamed about a dragon?”
“I don’t think I have.”
He’s reading about drawing dragons again, and
I head back to bed.


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