Friday, November 24, 2006

Exercise for Dream Interpretation

My friend, Candace, found this dream interpretation exercise and sent it to me. Click here to go to the site from which it came.

This useful technique helps decode the layers of meaning which can be packed into a dream symbol...

Write down your dream. Read your dream aloud. As you read, see each symbol as a part of you. Use the phrase, "The _______ part of me..." While you're reading, brainstorm other words you associate with each symbol in your dream. For example, if the phrase from your dream was "rescuing a baby from a monster", you might say...

"The rescuing part of me--the brave part of me, the strong part of me, the true part of me..."

"The baby part of me--the vulnerable part of me, the helpless part of me, the weak part of me..."

"The monster part of me--the scary part of me, the ugly part of me, the painful part of me, the wounded part of me..."

By doing this exercise, you can decode the symbolic messages in "rescuing a baby from a monster". One meaning might be 'you need to find the strength to do something vulnerable and face your wounds.'

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