Saturday, May 05, 2007

Article: The Boddhisatva Nature of the Soul

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Here is one quote:
The soul is a pure spark of divinity -- pure love -- and does not accumulate what we call karma.

Rather, the soul incarnates over and again in order to take some portion of the collective limitations and imbalances into its own incarnative experience for the benefit of the entire collective soul of humanity. This is done in order to transform the limited collective energy that the soul embodies while on earth by application of the LOVE that the soul is in TRUTH. The soul is thus not bound by karma to return to life in a human body over and again as is commonly believed [and which I also believed for a long time], but rather it is bound by LOVE to liberate the collective soul from its limitations and the pain and suffering that result from them. Understanding this adds an entirely new dimension to our spiritual journey.

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