Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Overcoming and Transforming Fears

Following is a quote from an article written by Laura De Giorgio of DeepTranceNow

Fears which relate to performing some task adequately are easily removed by developing competency through practicing the task. Writing, driving a car, riding a horse, speaking in public, selling, speaking different languages, dancing, getting rapid results with Self-Hypnosis, using hypnosis to help others, and other tasks people may do in a course of their lives are skills that can be learned and perfected through practice. Practice builds familiarity with the task, it builds confidence, and the performance of the task becomes virtually automatic, just like walking or talking.

Fears which relate to traumatic events which have produced phobias and anxiety attacks may get removed by accessing the original event in one’s mind and emotions and altering it in some way - perhaps playing the event backwards in your mind as if you were rewinding a movie and then scrambling the images and sounds, giving the characters voices from cartoons or adding circus music or anything else that helps to neutralize the emotional response. Repeating this process of running the images rapidly backwards and scrambling the images and sounds, may help to remove some fears and phobias within a couple of minutes.

And then there are fears which are most effectively removed by recognizing that ultimately there is only One Loving and Intelligent Power expressing through everyone and everything and joining hands with or aligning yourself with this One Power. If there is only One Power and this Power is in you and with you - who or what can be against you. To experience this One Power, requires that you go within.

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