Friday, July 07, 2006

Gems of Wisdom from a Friend

I have a friend whom I've known since I was in 8th grade. She owned the ballet studio where I studied for many years in Morgantown, WV. She has inspired me and countless others through her writing and teaching, and when we connect via email, she always shares such beautiful gems of wisdom. Below is one of those gems. If some of the language doesn’t feel “right,” replace these words with words that resonate with you. The essence of the message is there no matter what language of light you choose to use:

”Love is expressed to us by others but the source is God, Love, and when it isn’t expressed to us, we still have it, within, and can be patient. No one and nothing outside of us is the cause of how we feel, even though that’s the general opinion of humankind. We CAN think for ourselves. Each of us really is responsible for our feelings, our view of life and work, and even of other people, because we have an infinite source of goodness and wisdom in Infinite Love, Mind, Spirit, which is God, Love, and which is everywhere and the only power and which gives us the true view of others. Finding out more about the particulars of that goodness and power, and how we can grow spiritually, is crucial to our health and happiness and inner strength, and determines how we face everyday challenges. Love can’t be demanded from someone else, of course, or willed, but it can be restored (if something seems to obscure it) in a natural way, by each individual turning to God, seeing others in their true light (it’s easy with our children, most of the time, so they’re a good example of how natural it is to love, and how easy it is to correct past mistakes) and, above all, seeing ourselves as God’s child. You’re working out your own salvation according to Love’s plan and purpose for you, and it’s completely good.”

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