Thursday, July 27, 2006

Praying for Peace -- Marianne Williamson's Blog Entry

In one of Marianne Williamson's recent blog entries on her web site, she reflects on the current situation between Lebanon and Israel. You can read her entire entry here. Below is a quote from it that made me think of the oneness Mellen-Thomas Benedict experienced in his incredible near-death experience (see my first blog entry).

A Course in Miracles says that God does not give us victory in battle; rather, He lifts us above the battlefield. Our greatest spiritual contribution to this moment is to remember, in the words of the Course, that "beyond this world is a world I want." Beyond this three dimensional reality where the horrors of war are raging, there is another field of possibility alive in the Mind of God. Our work as individuals is to claim that world beyond this one, with passion and conviction; it is a world in which Jews and Arabs and Christians -- and everyone else as well -- are united not through the body but through the spirit. Close your eyes and see with your Inner Eye what the newspapers cannot show you. See the light within every Israeli, the light within every Palestinian and Lebanese, the light within every human heart, emerge from the center of their souls and then merge into One. See this, hold onto the vision, pray that it become a reality on the face of the earth, and then surrender it into the hands of God.

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