Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Through the Light -- An Incredible Near-Death Experience

Last week my friend sent me an incredible story about a man named Mellen-Thomas Benedict who was dead for an hour and a half -- he had an amazing near-death experience, and then reincarnated into his same body. You can get to the story by going to this site. I find the story inspiring. Here is just a small excerpt:

"More than that, I began to see that each one of us humans are soul mates. We are part of the same soul fractaling out in many creative directions, but still the same. Now I look at every human being that I ever see, and I see a soul mate, my soul mate, the one I have always been looking for. Beyond that, the greatest soul mate that you will ever have is yourself. We are each both male and female. We experience this in the womb and we experience this in reincarnation states. If you are looking for that ultimate soul mate outside of yourself, you may never find it; it is not there. Just as God is not "there." God is here. Don't look "out there" for God. Look here for God. Look through your Self. Start having the greatest love affair you ever had ... with your Self. You will love everything out of that."

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